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Professional graphic design and illustration since 1992.

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In my 16+ years as a professional graphic designer, I have encountered a wide variety of situations and challenges. I've handled small projects, large projects and everything in between. I've met tough deadlines, tight budgets and exacting clients. I've taken great pride in my successes and learned valuable lessons from my failures.

I believe it's what I've learned that makes me an asset to my clients. Naturally, I have acquired a good deal of technical expertise in graphics applications on both Mac and Windows platforms. More importantly however, I have learned how to balance the creative aspects of my work with the business requirements of my clients. I recognize that my clients need to convey a message. My job and number one priority is to help them achieve that goal.

I am a strong believer in the fundamentals of good design. Sound design principles such as balance, composition, typography and color theory are the backbone of my work. Graphic design software is an important tool, but the aesthetic sensibilities that underlie the work are critical.

For a detailed outline of my career-to-date, please download my resume here. To view samples of my work, please visit the online portfolio, or call to arrange a meeting. I am currently employed full-time, and am accepting freelance assignments only on a limted basis, as time allows.


Kenneth P. Lambert is an accomplished graphic designer based in Waupaca, Wisconsin.
Visit the online portfolio to view project samples including illustrations, logos, web sites, brochures, publications and more.

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